UK Specialists in Digital Signage Digital signage from small to large business, café, take-a-ways, restaurants, healthcare, education, travel, beauty, leisure and many more businesses who could benefit from having digital signs.

Wherever you are in the world SmoothSigns Studio lets you control your digital signs presentations across all your devices. Online with immediate update of published presentations, also offline with our smart caching system to ensure your presentations never go down due to the loss of internet; your presentations automatically update when internet service returns.

With SmoothSigns studio you can login and access your presentations and make them available to your devices 24x7x365. With Smart Digital Signage, slowly but surely replacing the traditional signs and advertising spaces with this gives more benefits with digital displays.

Key Points

  • SmoothSigns Player - Android Wi-Fi device to attach to any size display screen (HDMI 16:9 aspect ratio) 32”, 40”, 50”, 55” and more
  • Update adverts, presentations and slides from cloud based SmoothSigns Studio
  • Horizontal and Vertical modes supported to maximize your smart digital displays
  • Fully working off-line mode
  • Drag and drop designer
  • Presentations comprise multiple slides. Groups of presentations can be chained together to play
  • Live TV, CCTV feeds, RSS feeds, RSS Feed viewing, XML feeds, weather info and touch support coming soon, available for additional monthly fee
  • Low cost entry point – suitable for standard TV’s, touch screen monitors and video walls
  • SmoothSigns Player sold as device only (add your own screen), and with screens – installation service available (UK only)
  • Lifetime tech support for SmoothSigns Studio and Player
  • Extended warranty available for SmoothSigns Player for annual charge


  • Multi-purpose use such as Smart Digital Menu Boards, internal communications, waiting room information, promotional messages, store front advertising and much, much more
  • Efficiency, with smart digital signage you can quickly target and update as many screens, in as many locations in an instant
  • Present a wider range of products and services
  • Each screen has a SmoothSigns player, so that the loss of network or internet will not interrupt your presentations
  • Bringing bright, vibrant imagery to a wider audience
  • The use of audio, video, images and text to boost your presentations
  • Effortlessly display one or multiple signs and control from the SmoothSigns
  • Quickly update content with minimal delay, either to an individual SmoothSigns player or multiple SmoothSigns players
  • Timed running of adverts, presentations or slides – time of day, day of week or special dates
  • Cost Saving by cutting down on the cost of printed materials and time saving getting them ready for printing