Dynamic Feeds and RSS Feeds

Dynamic Feeds and RSS Feeds

Looking for a Smart Digital Signage Platform to show your Digital Signage Presentations with Dynamic feeds to its full potential, that keeps your costs down and that lets you create, publish and with easy to control Digital Signage? Well it is here with SmoothSigns.

SmoothSigns are a UK based digital display specialists, along with UK based support specialists to help you get the full potential of out of the SmoothSigns digital display products. SmoothSigns player along with SmoothSigns Studio is cost effective simple to use and a powerful Android device and cloud based studio solution for creating digital presentations and publishing them to single or multiple displays you may have, from wherever you are in the world.

Dynamic Feeds - SmoothSigns Studio lets you control your dynamic feeds such as RSS feed, CCTV, Alarms, POS systems, Booking Systems, Ordering systems and more.

Dynamic Feed - Commissioned Jobs
Many systems can be the source of a dynamic feed since they have a special programming API, if there is a feed you would like to integrate in to your signage, we can give a quote for the integration into a signage solution feed from such sources.

For a one-off fee for the SmoothSigns player which comes with Lifetime tech support for SmoothSigns Studio and Player, with an Extended warranty for the SmoothSigns Player which is available for an annual charge.

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