Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Looking for smart outdoor Digital Signage that could be used in a reception, waiting rooms or foyer to show off your business, products and offers with HD quality images, that keeps your costs down and that lets you create, publish and with easy to control Digital Signage, well it is now here with SmoothSigns solution.

The SmoothSigns solution comprises of the SmoothSigns player and software along with the cloud based SmoothSigns Studio it is a cost effective simple to use with a powerful cloud based studio for creating digital signs and notification boards and then publishing them to single or multiple displays you may have. Display sizes can range from 32”, 40”, 50”, 55” and more, with an HDMI 16:9 aspect ratio either that can displayed in landscape or portrait mode.

With SmoothSigns Studio it lets you publish the same content or different content to individual displays this making it not just for notifications to clients and customers but digital signage ideal for staff awareness as well.