Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Looking for new smart digital marketing signage to help with product launch and marketing with 'video like' HD quality images, that keeps your costs down, that lets you create, publish to displays with easy to control digital signage without the complexity of running your own servers for digital displays well it is here with SmoothSigns.

The SmoothSigns solution consists of the SmoothSigns player and the SmoothSigns Studio which is cost effective, simple to use and a powerful cloud based solution for creating digital marketing presentations and publishing them to single or multiple displays you may have around your store, from wherever you are in the world.

Why not use digital marketing signage to maximize your new product launch, get noticed by a larger audience with video like digital displays, dynamic digital content is far superior to print marketing because it can engage customers both visibly and audibly with multimedia content, XML feeds, RSS feeds, Dynamic feeds.

With digital marketing signage from, is much faster and less expensive to create and distribute published content than printed media. Strategically placed digital signage can deliver Notices and presentations on time and on target, because you know to which SmoothSigns Player devices the published content will be delivered to, so now you can create content that displays content directly to a specific target audience.

Why not keep staff informed staff digital notification boards, you can place digital displays in offices, employee rest rooms, canteens, high-traffic areas, meeting room entrances and many more places.