Technical Information

Today’s digital media is about sharing communication and providing messages that engage your audience, with high-definition video displays, robust content platforms, our digital media solution SmoothSigns instantly convey your content to your digital signage displays anywhere in the world with internet access.

  • SmoothSigns Player - Android Wi-Fi device to attach to any size display screen (HDMI 16:9 aspect ratio) 32”, 40”, 50”, 55” and more
  • Update adverts/presentations from Cloud web console (SmoothSigns Studio)
  • Horizontal and vertical modes supported
  • Drag and drop designer – supports HTML5 and CSS3
  • Video streaming, Live TV, RSS feeds, Weather, Images and Text
  • Dynamic Feed integrations on request
  • Smart caching system to ensure your presentations never go down due to the loss of internet
  • Touch screen support
Digital Media is much more than replacing static information and advertising, it helps create new and innovative experiences by sharing:
  • Executive and organisational communications.
  • Product announcements.
  • Customer, patient, or staff interaction.
  • Location and transportation information.
  • Safety and security alerts. Weather and news feeds.
  • And much much more.